3 Ways to Get More Lash Clients in Long Island, NY

3 Ways to Get More Lash Clients in Long Island, NY

You’re ready to get more lash clients and grow your career.

How can you find those dream clients who book your services month after month, leave raving 5-star reviews, and recommend you to their friends?

With the right strategy, you can build your clientele without spending all your time and energy on marketing. As professional lash trainers and lash artists in Long Island, NY, we’re here to share three simple yet powerful ways you can get more lash clients:

3 Powerful Tips to Get More Lash Clients

1. Have fun with social media!

Social media is the new search engine. When potential clients eagerly look up “lash artists in Long Island, NY,” they will turn to Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok to find the best option.
This means social media is your portfolio — have fun with it! Make a habit of consistently posting your work, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Showcase your personality and style with creative videos, personal stories, and valuable tips.

2. Collaborate with other beauty & lash artists in Long Island, NY.

In the beauty industry, collaboration always beats competition. Become allies with other beauty gurus and lash artists in Long Island, NY. Whether you team up for a giveaway or create a plan to refer clients to each other, find a way to build your community, and you’ll discover endless success.

3. Set up a referral program to get more lash clients.

Remember: Your clients are your marketing team. Reward them for spreading the word about your services! Create a referral program where they receive a discount for sending their friends and family to book an appointment with you.

Become a Successful Lash Artist in Long Island, NY

There are endless ways to get more clients and empower your career as a lash artist. But first, you must make a plan to reach your goals — and the sooner, the better.

To help, we’ve taken our years of experience and expertise in the industry and compiled everything we wished we knew when we first started into a FREE guide: YOUR LASH BIZ ROADMAP: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get Started on Your Beauty Biz!

Download it now to get started and reach your goals!


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