Which Eyelash Extension Adhesive Should You Choose?

Which Eyelash Extension Adhesive Should You Choose?

You know the best lash artists don’t go anywhere without their top-of-the-line tools.

Don’t let your esthetician career be limited by your tools and supplies —
especially when it comes to lash glue. The best eyelash extension adhesive
not only makes your job easier, but it makes your clients love you even more.


Why Does Eyelash Extension Adhesive Matter?

The right lash glue is the secret ingredient to long-lasting results. Your
clients are coming to you for the convenience of built-in lash beauty. The
best eyelash extension adhesive will give them long lashes, long-lasting
results, and less irritation.

So... what's the best professional lash glue? Here are three things to look for
when choosing the best eyelash extension adhesive for your biz.


What's the Best Professional Lash Glue? 3 Things to Consider When Choosing Eyelash Extension Adhesive

1. Fast-drying glue = more time for bookings.

Slow-drying adhesives can take up to a few minutes to cure, while
fast-drying glue can dry instantly in just 1-2 seconds.

Lash pros prefer fast-drying glue because it means they can serve
more clients!

Pro tip: Pair your adhesive with a Curing Serum and Super Bonder for
even longer-lasting results.


2. Test your adhesive out in your studio.

Temperature and humidity levels directly affect your results. Test out
different serums and adhesives to see what's the best professional lash
glue for your studio environment.


3. Opt for a sensitive, low-fume adhesive.

Your clients want a relaxing, luxurious experience. That doesn’t mean
breathing in strong, nauseating fumes! Opt for a sensitive, low-fume
glue for a high-class experience.


Grow Your Lash Biz with the Best Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Want to grow your lash biz to full volume? It all starts with high-quality tools.
THE BOND Long Lasting Eyelash Extension Adhesive is a luxe eyelash
extension adhesive that’s fast-drying, sensitive on your client’s eyes, and
made to last.

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