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Straight Eyelash Extension Isolation Tweezer With Gripping

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Perfect for lash isolation and removal of old extensions. The gripping inside of these tweezers allows you to grip and remove old, grown-out lash extensions with ease.

All of Blinkology's tweezers have a lash ruler located at the top of each tweezer. This ruler has millimeter measurements to guide you when choosing a length for your client's natural lash. Simply line the ruler up to a few of your clients' lashes to get a measurement of what length their lashes are naturally, then add 2-3 mm to that length to determine a healthy extension length for your client.

Each tweezer comes equipped with gripping on each side of the head of the tweezer making isolation and lash removal a breeze.

*effortless removal of grown out extensions
*Amazing for isolation
*Say goodbye to lashes slipping through your tweezers
*Ruler for easy lash measurement

Each tweezer is hand-tested to be sure they are up to par for your volume lashing needs before being sent to you.

How to care for your tweezer:
If you happen to get any adhesive or residue on the gripping inside your tweezer you will need to soak off the adhesive residue with lash remover or acetone then gently rinse away the remover/acetone.


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